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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Paraprofessional at Shiver - PE06/30/2022ClassifiedShiver SchoolApply
Inclusion/Resource Special Education Teacher - WMS06/30/2022CertifiedWashington Middle SchoolApply
Paraprofessional for Pre-School Special Education - Eastside06/30/2022ClassifiedEastside Elementary SchoolApply
Inclusion/Resource Special Education Teacher - Southside06/30/2022CertifiedSouthside Elementary SchoolApply
Paraprofessional for Special Education - CHS06/30/2022ClassifiedCairo High SchoolApply
Pre-K Special Education Preschool Teacher06/30/2022CertifiedEastside Elementary SchoolApply
Teacher of the Moderately Intellectually Disabled/Autism06/30/2022CertifiedCairo High SchoolApply
Paraprofessional for Special Education - Southside06/30/2022ClassifiedSouthside Elementary SchoolApply
Inclusion/Resource Special Education Teacher - Northside06/30/2022CertifiedNorthside Elementary SchoolApply
Middle School Foreign Language (Spanish) Teacher06/22/2022CertifiedWashington Middle SchoolApply
Physical Education/Coach - Southside06/16/2022CertifiedSouthside Elementary SchoolApply
K-5 Teacher at Eastside06/15/2022CertifiedEastside Elementary SchoolApply
Inclusion/Resource Special Education Teacher - Shiver06/15/2022CertifiedShiver SchoolApply
Paraprofessional - Shiver06/15/2022ClassifiedShiver SchoolApply
Middle Grades Teacher ( 4 positions)06/13/2022CertifiedWashington Middle SchoolApply
Music Teacher for K-5 (Eastside)06/13/2022CertifiedEastside Elementary SchoolApply
School Resource Officer - 2 positions06/08/2022ClassifiedDistrict WideApply
ESOL Teaching Position (2 positions)06/03/2022CertifiedDistrict WideApply
On-Line Instructor/Coach06/02/2022CertifiedCairo High SchoolApply
School Nurse - Southside05/25/2022ClassifiedSouthside Elementary SchoolApply
K-5 Teacher at Eastside05/12/2022CertifiedEastside Elementary SchoolApply
Paraprofessional - Eastside05/12/2022ClassifiedEastside Elementary SchoolApply
Paraprofessional - Whigham School (2 positions)05/01/2022ClassifiedWhigham SchoolApply
Middle School Agricultural Education Teacher04/23/2022CertifiedWashington Middle SchoolApply
Paraprofessional for Special Education - Whigham (2 positions)04/20/2022ClassifiedWhigham SchoolApply
K-5 Teacher at Southside04/01/2022CertifiedSouthside Elementary SchoolApply
Physical Education/Coach - Southside04/01/2022CertifiedSouthside Elementary SchoolApply
School Nurse - Eastside04/01/2022ClassifiedEastside Elementary SchoolApply
Paraprofessional - Northside (2 positions)04/01/2022ClassifiedNorthside Elementary SchoolApply
49% K-5 Teaching Position - Whigham04/01/2022CertifiedWhigham SchoolApply
Paraprofessional - Washington Middle School (3 positions)04/01/2022ClassifiedWashington Middle SchoolApply
Migrant Student Service Provider10/28/2021ClassifiedDistrict WideApply
Special Education School Bus Monitor09/29/2021ClassifiedBus GarageApply
Paraprofessional - Northside09/16/2021ClassifiedNorthside Elementary SchoolApply
Future Certified Special Education Positions03/14/2021CertifiedDistrict WideApply
Future Certified High School Positions03/14/2021CertifiedDistrict WideApply
Future Certified Middle Grades Positions03/14/2021CertifiedDistrict WideApply
Future Certified Elementary Positions03/14/2021CertifiedDistrict WideApply
Speech Language Pathologist01/19/2021CertifiedSpecial EducationApply
Substitute School Nutrition Food Assistant04/09/2012ClassifiedSchool NutritionApply
School Bus Driver03/21/2012ClassifiedBus GarageApply